What speed do you read?

Take the test. Then, like me, take it again after you’ve had a big strong cup of coffee. Because you’re competitive.

What speed do you read?

My score: 505 words per minute.

7 responses to “What speed do you read?

  1. 459 without any caffeine (gave up coffee for Lent and my last cup of tea was 6 hours and 3 min. ago). Yep, I’ll try again in the morning.

  2. 455 after a long day..will definitely try in the morning.

  3. It’s morning and my results are 537 words per minute.

  4. Semi-sleepy with various distractions: 440. :S

  5. It’s 5.43am and I’m only half-way down that first cup of coffee, so I’m happy enough with 427.

  6. 356 — no excuses.

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