Today’s sign of the Apocalypse: Dial-a-Star is the only place you can talk directly to a TRUE Celebrity! Our service is unique and offers a completely discreet one on one conversation with celebs. This service is completely private and anonymous.

Which raises the question: If it’s completely anonymous, how do I know that I’m actually speaking to Octomom or Lindsay Lohan’s father, rather than to Mr.’s wife, or his brother-in-law Billy Bob?

On the other hand, that might be more interesting. And how many of the “celebrities” on the page can you recognize? I got three.

(Thanks to Daniel Palmer for the link.)

12 responses to “Today’s sign of the Apocalypse: Dial-a-Star

  1. This must be a whole new definition of the word “star” I have not previously encountered. Except for the notoriously clueless Lohans, I have no idea who any of the these people are. What are they basing stardom upon?

  2. (grrrr. trying again. wordpress is fiendish)

    But Meg…. YOU are a celeb. Sign up to receive phone calls, and just imagine how much research you could do just answering calls. Weirdos anonymous.

    • Susan, WordPress has apparently changed a few things and fixed some bugs with comments — if you continue to have trouble, let me know.

      Weirdos Anonymous sounds promising.

      • Isn’t weirdos anonymous a contradiction in terms? To my chagrin, weirdos are never ducking the spotlight. :>)

    • Re: “wordpress is fiendish”

      Test… test, let me post dammit!

  3. Clicking on the DD Entertainment logo at the bottom of the homepage takes you to the management and public relations group’s homepage. The client list then has most of these ‘stars’ listed under the Reality TV heading. Enough said.

    Now where is that Weirdos Anonymous number listed…

  4. If Tila Tequila wanted to pay *me* 20 bucks a minute to talk to *her* . . . Well, I’d still have to think about it. Make it 30, Tila. Actually . . . no, I just couldn’t do it.

  5. I sense an opportunity for voice over artistes…
    Does My Sean Connery.

    Oh yesh.

  6. It costs $15 a minute to talk to (not) famous celebrity Mindy Hall! Dial-a-Porn Queen sites are cheaper than that! At least I think they are — off to do some research now.

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