A note on WordPress’s new procedures for leaving comments

I’ve been getting messages from commenters that some of you are having trouble leaving comments — that to leave a comment you’re being asked to log in to WordPress.com with an email address you’ve used before, or that’s associated with a Gravatar (those little pictures that go with your comments). This has to do with upgrades that WordPress.com, which hosts this blog, has instituted to fix bugs and improve security so commenters don’t get their online identities spoofed or stolen. I haven’t changed a thing on my end and certainly don’t want to discourage any of you from commenting.

You can find WordPress.com’s explanation here. They’re aware that commenters have been frustrated by this change, and say they’re working to make things smoother and simpler.

Your options: You can sign in to WordPress, or use another email associated with Facebook or Twitter, or complain some more to me. I’ll try to help you get your comment posted, and I’m sorry about the hassle.

Update: This from WordPress:

If commenters have forgotten their password they can request a reset:

2 responses to “A note on WordPress’s new procedures for leaving comments

  1. I’m sorry, Meg–I hadn’t been in for several days so hadn’t noticed that it was something coming up often. 😳

  2. Not complaining to you, Meg. Just complaining. It’s just a bit of going around in circles, and by the time I’m done I wonder if my words of wisdom are really worth it.

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