Hello, springtime

Here’s the view outside my window. What’s going on in your world?

11 responses to “Hello, springtime

  1. Well, there’s no snow in my part of the universe, but no blooms yet. There are buds on the lilacs, though–it’s way early for that. Son is off to take the OSSLT (gr. 10 literacy test–don’t get me started because the rant is long and boring), which is required for Ontario high school diplomas. Term is ending in the next 5 days and sabbatical is just peeping over the horizon. It’s spring!

  2. susanintoronto

    Summer yesterday (19 degrees) and threatening snow today. It IS still March, after all. The forsythia blossoms are going to take a beating.

  3. Autumn – but sunny and warm, so all good.

  4. We have no idea what it is. We had spring sprung in February. The grass turned green and the azalea began to bloom in my yard. Then we got two days of below freezing winter. The grass turned brown, the azalea is all “WTF?” and the bees seemed pretty confused. Now it’s almost summer with two weeks, so far, of 80-88 degrees F. The azalea has bloomed completely and shed it’s flowers. The hummingbirds are back from Mexico. (Who knew they were bilingual?) And my spring yard work is taking longer and longer. That may be because of my ever expanding waist line. Seriously, it’s time to lose a load of weight. Right after these cupcakes are gone. :>)

  5. This past Winter in Chicago was the mildest ever. A couple of weeks ago the temperature was flirting with 90 degrees. March saw record-breaking high temps.

    My conspiracy-theorist neighbor thinks that it’s just a gift… because the world ends this December. I like listening to him. His stories make me smile. …they also make me think about buying a better deadbolt… and several assorted automatic weapons. On second thought, maybe I should just try to avoid him altogether.

  6. My world is a happy one today – I just got the new purchasing list from our library vendor and the new Meg Gardiner book Ransom River was on it! Woo-hoo!!

    The hard part is waiting till June for my e-book to pop onto my Kindle…..

  7. Yeah, the weather is all over the place here in Amsterdam too, but at the moment it is back to normal spring weather and promises to stay this way for the next week or so. My body is confused to say the least, but on the plus side it’s Friday, I have just been to the movies (Haywire – man that woman can FIGHT!) and am looking forward to spending a good part of tomorrow curled up on the couch in order to finish my book and on Sunday I’m meeting up with a friend – good times 🙂

  8. Spent the afternoon with my sister at one of my favorite places, the St. Louis Zoo. The 80-degree weather and vacation week had the palce swarming with families. Lots of little kids in shorts and sandals, girls in sleeveless tops, animals out enjoying the sun. Ridiculous weather for March, but I’ll take it. Love the flowering trees and shrubs. And the smells! (The flowers, not the zoo.) Back to New England tomorrow, where it’s warmer than usual, but still subject to freezes. I get to experience the flowering all over again!

  9. One minute, beautiful warm weather. The next day, cold winds blowing off the mountains and freezing my skinny bones.

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