Web site update is off and running

My web site has been updated and spiffed up. In addition to some new photos and a new look, it also now has information on my next novel, Ransom River. Take a look when you get a chance: MegGardiner.com.

9 responses to “Web site update is off and running

  1. I LOVE it! And, I am a big wuss-bag with change, so…. kudos, Meg-you didn’t scare me at all. 🙂

  2. Oh and I’ve just read the Ransom River blurb… can’t wait!

  3. It looks really good–coherent, clean, un-busy.

  4. oooo shiny, purty.

  5. Very, very smart looking Meg, I like it a lot

  6. Looking good – and I can’t wait for Ransom River.

  7. Very spiffy! But, where are the songs associated with your books? Shouldn’t they be in the Extras?

    Really a nice-looking site. Very clean and elegant.

    • The songs are there – in the pop-up footer. Click on the + sign.

      And the site is still being tweaked so stuff like this will be more apparent and easy to find.

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