Monday links: writers’ bedrooms, lotto lightning

Start off your week with these distracting stories:

Literary Style: 15 Writers’ Bedrooms. And please, tell me what you make of Victor Hugo’s red room. Redroom, redrum… I’m not saying another word.

“Grab ’em by the throat and never let ’em go.” — Writing advice from the great Billy Wilder.

Here’s a game you all should relish: Real life people with Dickensian names. Powers Boothe, Rollie Fingers, Orville Redenbacher… who else can you come up with?

The odds don’t lie. God has a sense of humor. And the house always wins. Kansas man struck by lightning hours after buying lottery tickets.

And finally: When I grow up I want to be Johanna Quaas. 86-year-old gymnast dominates the floor.

2 responses to “Monday links: writers’ bedrooms, lotto lightning

  1. Me too. (Johanna Quaas) Amazing…

  2. There is no doubt Meg follows Billy Wilder’s advice. :>)

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