It starts with a chirp

For twenty minutes this morning, this adorable little bird sweetly, and strangely, clung to my back window, flapping and chirping and pecking at the glass. Maybe the sun reflected his image, and he was trying to make contact with what he thought was another bird. Maybe he wanted me to feed him.

But maybe not.

This is how it starts. You know how it ends.

14 responses to “It starts with a chirp

  1. Yep, that’s one ending, for sure. Another: If there is a larger and fancier balcony below yours; just don’t look down and hope your neighbor never looks up.

  2. Ah, but if you feed it and get on its good side then you’ll be safe when the birds decide to attack.

  3. susanintoronto

    Ah, the heady days of movies being rerun continually, so you could always leave when you got to the point of “This is where we came in” or you could just watch it over and over again. Thus the warning, “Don’t see the ending first.”

  4. It’s so frustrating when you’re reincarnated as a nonverbal creature! I remember when I was a raccoon five lives ago. My own great-grandson turned me into a hat. Be nice to the birdie, Meg.

  5. I say grab a shotgun or the nearest slingshot and nip this menace in the bud — I mean beak.

  6. Unless this birdie has already gathered its friends to flock down your chimney. It may be too late.

  7. Just look at the way it’s staring with those beady, birdy eyes!

  8. Never mind the bird, I’m worried about the obsessive-compulsive mind that generated the stripes on that lawn.

    • Normally I mow it into elaborate fractal designs, like a crop circle. But for this photo I thought I’d mess with your head. Mwahaha!

  9. WHat kind of bird is that?

  10. I can’t see it very clearly, but it has an owlish face. I know it’s not an owl, but that’s what its little face reminded me of.

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