Ransom River: Publishers Weekly review

My new novel Ransom River will be published in the U.S. July 5th. Publishers Weekly has just reviewed it:

“Near the start of this solid stand-alone thriller from Edgar-winner Gardiner (The Nightmare Thief), Aurora ‘Rory’ Mackenzie, an attorney who was working for Asylum Action, which monitored ‘refugees seeking political asylum’ until it lost its funding, returns home to Ransom River, Calif., in answer to a jury summons. As a juror, Rory gets thrust into a hostage situation when two armed gunmen storm the courtroom where the trial of two cops accused of shooting a burglar is taking place. Even though a SWAT team comes to the rescue with minimal bloodshed, the police single out Rory as a potential accomplice because of undue attention one gunman paid to her. When ex-undercover cop Seth Colder, her childhood love, warns her of dirty cops in the Ransom River PD, it’s clear the problem is bigger than Rory. Sparks still fly between the pair as they try to piece together the motive behind the courtroom siege. Like all of Gardiner’s heroines, Rory is tough when it counts but never implausibly so.”

I’ll take that. I’ll take that with a big, stupid smile.

And in other media related mini-news, I was surprised to get a shout out in Monday’s USA Today. The paper ran a lovely feature on Lisa Scottoline, identifying her as a lawyer-turned-author: “A former civil litigator, Scottoline is on the who’s who list of attorneys — including John Grisham, Scott Turow, Linda Fairstein and Meg Gardiner — whose names now turn up more frequently on best-seller lists than on court documents.”

When I found out I was included on such a high-flying list, I sent a text message to the Husband. He was on a flight to Washington, D.C., so I asked him to grab a copy of the paper for me when he landed. (Yes, I still get excited when my name appears in print. I am six.) He scrounged the last two copies from a gas station mini-mart near the airport.

The cashier said, “You know those are both the same edition, right?”

He knew. “My wife’s in the paper,” he said.

The cashier’s eyes went round. “Oh my gosh, I hope she’s all right.”

Yes, I am, thank you.

6 responses to “Ransom River: Publishers Weekly review

  1. I’m joining you with the stupid grin 🙂

    • All together now…


      • No seriously, congrats, very exciting!
        I work for a scientific publisher and the first time my name was listed in a thank you shoutout in the lead in letter of one of our publications I was a smilling fool! I just know that letter is the first thing to be binned, but I didn’t care, my name was in print!
        So, really, nice one! 🙂

  2. Very very nice. “In the style of Agatha Christie/ Georgette Heyer / Stephen King / Your Name Here”. Another big step big the fame ladder.

  3. July 5th marked on the calendar. Congratulations!

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