Today in food-related mayhem

Signs and wonders. Of what, you decide:

I want mine deep fried. With a side order of cardiac stents. Pizza Hut introduces new pizza: crust stuffed with hot dogs.

You’ll be shocked to learn that alcohol, not just gravy, was involved: Gravy-wrestling model hit in the face with monkey wrench after finding friend having sex on her sofa.

And finally: Jesus, the latest snack food craze. Jesus Christ appears on yet another potato chip. The finder “said the ripple-style Clancy’s brand chip purchased at an Aldi store is now safely stored in her china cabinet.” (Bonus: “On YouTube, you can find video documentation of Jesus Cheetos.”)

Personally, I’m waiting for Christ on a Junior Mint.

4 responses to “Today in food-related mayhem

  1. Why is it surprising that the hotdog-stuffed crust pizza was introduced in Britain, the home of pizza topped with tuna and sweetcorn or a fried egg? That encounter was 15 years ago and the trauma has not yet faded.

    • I have never had tuna and swwetcorn, but I love a tuna pizza, my fave!

    • The article actually mentions that this pizza has been available in Japan and Thailand since 2007. It does not sound very appetising, but I do find the name funny: “the pizza dog”. Hehehe

  2. TUNA FISH ON A PIZZA? My sweet Lord, that sounds horrifying. Jesus spends a lot of time showing up on food. I think Mary was afraid he’d grow up to be a fat savior.

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