Friday links: Twinkies, Taliban

Here are some news stories you might like to catch up on.

Taking one for the team: Man goes naked at Portland airport to protest TSA search.

I guess they couldn’t get Freddie Mercury: Olympics organizers ask Keith Moon to play closing ceremony.

Don’t be silly. Not even a nuclear bomb can destroy these things. “Strike threat at Hostess could kill off Twinkies.”

Personally, I think this guy was pretty enterprising.
Taliban commander turns himself in… for reward on the Wanted poster.

3 responses to “Friday links: Twinkies, Taliban

  1. I think the Olympic committee also wanted Janis Joplin to light the torch.

  2. Can’t help but read those stories whilst singing (badly) Gary Jules – Mad World.

  3. I love Gary Jules Mad World. One of my favorite songs.

    How embarrassing to not know someone was dead before asking if they would participate. yikes.

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