How to make a great title sequence

What’s a great title sequence? “An invitation into the story” that “reinforces the creators’ message, but in a different language” and “builds anticipation before the story begins.” Exactly. (Even when, as in the video above, a title sequence depicts zombies killing humans in Zombieland.) Great title sequences are like iconic movie posters or scintillating book covers. They pull you into the world the author or moviemakers have created, fingers tingling.

What title sequences do you love? Which have stuck with you? Which movie posters, or book covers? I love The Rockford Files and True Blood. And the original cover for The Stand, with the Walking Man’s eyes looming over a dark landscape. And we have a few memorable movie posters framed at home: The Empire Strikes Back, Bullitt, and Casablanca.

2 responses to “How to make a great title sequence

  1. The Bond opener gets me going, but I always had a thing for Hill Street Blues.

  2. I also love True Blood’s title sequence. Carnivale, Six Feet Under, Forrest Gump, The Pink Panther movies, and I would also add the Bond movies to that list. A lot of that has to do with the intro music too. The overall success of those openings many times, if not always, goes hand-in-hand with great music.

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