“Don’t let your children read this book!!!”

Guess the book this Amazon review is complaining about. No, it’s not one of mine.

“From what I remember, all the characters were drunk, they spend all their time drinking and doing absolutly nothing productive with their lives. The language that Hemingway uses in the book was crude and ‘swear-like’.”

I think people like this book because it is written by the famous, Ernest Hemingway and they feel that they NEED to say it’s good because they want to fit in. It’s either that or they have no morals and don’t care what comes out of people mouths. These are the people that probably like to watch “Jerry Spinger”. Anyway, the book had no point and no plot. This was a very hard book to do a book report on and I ended up with a “C” on my book report because of my options did not map to the teachers.

I should mention: the reader posted this review “20+ years” after reading the novel. I think we should all thank Amazon for providing a new forum in which people can complain about high school.

I later found out that my teacher didn’t even read my book report and outsourced it to her teacher’s aid. This made me mad. Teachers should grade their own students book reports, not give the job to someone I don’t know. I could understand having a teacher outsourcing the grading of multiple choice/ true false tests. Things that have a definate “yes” or “no” answer to them but not essays. Anyway, if you like garbage and wasting your time this book is for you.

Talk about a lost generation. Somewhere, Jake Barnes is lighting a cigarette and sadly shaking his head.

(Via Least Helpful.)

5 responses to ““Don’t let your children read this book!!!”

  1. Uh, no comment. After all, these are my own kind.

  2. Sounds like my reaction as a high schooler to “The Sun Also Rises”. Hemingway’s art — not to mention the sexual references — was completely lost on me. Funny thing is, I recently overheard a group of very bright English Advanced Placement students reacting to the novel exactly the same way: “What a dumb story about people doing nothing but going to bars, getting drunk and having sex.” Anyone else think that teens don’t have enough life experience to appreciate some of the adult literature assigned in school?

    • Waving my hand feverishly here. If I’d read The Sun Also Rises in high school, I would have been baffled and embarrassed. It took me till my mid-twenties to get to grips with it.

  3. Hiker, I think you’re right. Nothing wrecks a text like running into it too early. I think we force-feed teenagers with Hemingway and Conrad because of reverence for their prose style (rightly to be praised). The problem is that teenagers don’t give a rat’s ass about prose style.

  4. I agree, and I haven’t even read “The Sun Also Rises.” (Our mandatory Hemingway was “The Old Man and the Sea.”) So many works originally written for adults can’t be fully understood or appreciated even by college students, much less high school kids. The worst part about this is it turns people off to reading “literature” at an early age. They feel since they don’t get it, something is wrong with them.

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