When research freaks me out

Look at the map below. Take a moment. Tell me if anything seems odd. Peculiar. Weird. Gobsmackingly freaky.

See all those landmarks, and suburbs, and neighborhoods? On this map, they include a place labeled “Watchful Eyes.”


Here’s the street view photo, taken at the center of that supposed place. I see nothing besides the sorts of neat white wooden houses that populated the neighborhoods where I lived in OKC as a small child.

Can anybody help me figure out what’s going on with this? I do not believe Oklahoma City has a neighborhood called Watchful Eyes. And the only reference I can find to that phrase comes from this ten-year-old much derided poster by Transport for London ( “Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes” of CCTV cameras on city buses). Who’s playing funny with Google maps?

10 responses to “When research freaks me out

  1. Freaky. Yes. But, it’s near The Village. Stop asking questions, Meg. Please. Just stop!

  2. Wow, that London Transport poster is truly scary. Stunning to learn it’s the real deal, and not taken from a near-future movie of creeping totalitarianism. Oh wait…. they aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

  3. Hmm, I see that the new Log In version of WordPress defaults to “notify me of follow-up comments”. Something else to be watchful of, because yesterday my inbox was full of notes about comments I made.

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