Watchful Eyes, Oklahoma: update

After I discovered “Watchful Eyes” staring at me from southwest Oklahoma City on Google maps — and getting sidetracked wondering if it had to do with The Village of the Damned or The Children of the Corn — I have now got some more information.

First, the blog post sparked a discussion on Reddit: Watchful Eyes, OK — what is this? And by “sparked a discussion,” I mean, my son asked the question. The funniest answer he received from the Oklahoma redditors: “There’s a town in New Mexico called Truth or Consequences.”

But in the comments on my post, Pat provided what seems to be the best answer to this mystery: “It’s a neighborhood in Oklahoma City that has a neighborhood alliance.”

This explains things — on one level.  I still don’t understand how such a strange name found its way into the Google maps database.

And can anybody name their neighborhood and get it added to Google? If so, I nominate my own neighborhood as Meg O’Death’s Scorched Earth Paradise, Where There Roam Dragons and Wee Beasties.

What — you thought I’d call it The Street Where Those Kids of Meg’s Had a Rock Band and Were Always Pounding on the Drums and Electric Guitar?

2 responses to “Watchful Eyes, Oklahoma: update

  1. I think Watchful Eyes is just a suburb south of Oklahoma City.

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