Textbook Stupidity

Another story from the absurd world in which we live: a case of textbook stupidity if there ever was one.

Frat boys burning books to celebrate graduation burn down frat house.

I just… you gotta be… I can’t even begin to… In what universe do people commemorate their education by destroying books? Sorry, I’m flummoxed.

However, to make book lovers, and education lovers, feel better, here’s a column about the correct use of the comma. When I read it I wanted to hug my computer. I whispered through the ether to the author: “Thank you. Thank you.”

Yes, I know I need help.

Identification Crisis

If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a thousand times. I’m referring to a student’s writing a sentence like:

I went to see the movie, “Midnight in Paris” with my friend, Jessie.

Comma after “movie,” comma after “friend” and, sometimes, comma after “Paris” as well. None is correct — unless “Midnight in Paris” is the only movie in the world and Jessie is the writer’s only friend. Otherwise, the punctuation should be:

I went to see the movie “Midnight in Paris” with my friend Jessie.

The Most Comma Mistakes.

3 responses to “Textbook Stupidity

  1. Oh hell. I am soooo sorry Meg and all of you brainiac punctuation people who come here. I do this. I do them all.

    • But the article offers pointers…

      And it only killed me when students seemed, absolutely clueless and added, commas in, random, places.

  2. I have a theory. It’s about the aesthetics of commas, i.e., that papers are pinned to the wall and commas are added in such a way as to produce a visually pleasing pattern on the page. It’s either that or students want me to die from hyperventilation as I mentally suck in a breath at each comma.

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