Where are you from? All around the world.

Recently I asked: Where are you from? Where do you live now? Your answers took me around the world. Which is very cool, and not just because I was a geography geek in elementary school. It’s thrilling for me to know we’re communicating from all points on the globe.

Some people have made big moves: from Karachi to Canberra; England to New Zealand; New York to West Sussex; Denmark to Beijing. Some still live where they were born (I’m looking at you, Brooklyn, New York).

Here are all the places we started from and have ended up:

Karachi, Pakistan
Canberra, Australia

Knoxville, TN
Auburn, GA

Born in Santa Monica, CA.
Raised in Santa Barbara, CA
Now Living in Dayton, OH

Aarhus, Denmark
Beijing, China

Hamilton, Ontario
Sudbury, Ontario

Born and raised in Whiteville, NC
Now living in High Point, NC

Born in Agana, Guam
Raised in Barstow, California; schooling in Riverside, California
Four and a half decades in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Born in East St. Louis, IL
Raised in Peoria IL; schooling in Greenville, IL
Now living in Yorkville IL (50 miles from Chicago)

Born and raised in Kinderhook, NY
Now living in Horsham, West Sussex

Born in Marlborough, MA
Raised in Los Altos, CA
Live in San Francisco, CA

Born in Brooklyn, NY
Raised in Brooklyn, NY
Live in Brooklyn, NY

Born in Madison, Wisconsin
Raised in Janesville, Madison again and LaCrosse (all in WI)
Live in Waukesha, WI

Born in Nyack, NY
Middleburg, FL (neighbor to the Jacksonville Jaguars)

Born in Santa Barbara, CA
Raised in Maryland and Santa Barbara
Live in Cupertino, home of Apple computer

Manchester, UK
The Charentais countryside in France

Born Guildford, Surrey, UK
Raised in Singapore and Hampshire, UK
Now living in Ledbury, Herefordshire

Born and raised in Portland, OR
Settled in San Diego, CA
Newly-arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany
Spent a year living in North Dakota
“Came back to Berlin but my heart never really left the Great Plains.”

Born in Rochester, New York
Raised in Rochester, Fort Pierce, Florida and Dallas, Texas
Live in Magnolia, Texas

Born in Freeport, NY
Lived for a short time in London then in Westendorf, Bavaria, Germany
Back to Lindenhurst, NY
Then to Derry, New Hampshire
Now Nashua, NH

Born and raised in Corby, England
Now in Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand

Born in Chicago, Illinois
Lived in Illinois, Indiana, the South of France, and Florida
Living in Fort Collins, Colorado

Born in Washington DC
Raised in Loudoun County VA
Living in Fairfax, VA

Born in Goodland Kansas
Live in Colorado Springs Co

Born and raised in: Ashland, Kentucky
Now living in : Atlantic Beach, Florida

Born in Toronto, Ontario
Raised in Toronto and Montreal
Living in Toronto (a mere 1.8 Km from my original home)

Born, raised, living in Portland, OR (though I did spend a dozen years in California).

Thanks for sharing, everybody.

(To see who everybody is and where they are, check the original post.)

IN THE COMMENTS: This wasn’t a contest. But if it had been, Margaret would win it: “Time to tell you Meg, I’ve lived in Kitsap Co.”

6 responses to “Where are you from? All around the world.

  1. I wonder if we can get a map up. I’m such a visual person.

  2. Time to tell you Meg, I’ve lived in Kitsap Co.

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