The 2012 Stalker Awards: I’m nominated

Pop Culture Nerd has just posted the nominations for the 2012 Stalker Awards. And I’m included. I’m honored and proud.

Now stop snickering. These nominations are not awarded to the most devious and obsessive stalkers of the year. The Stalker Awards are “given to crime novels and authors readers are obsessed about.” Nominations were submitted by genre lovers at large over the past two weeks.

I’m nominated for Favorite Author on Social Media. Now get on over to Pop Culture Nerd’s site and vote. For me! For me!

Yeah, I’m not obsessed. Not at all.

6 responses to “The 2012 Stalker Awards: I’m nominated

  1. You definitely got my vote…

  2. Yes’m.

  3. I’m your number-one fan!

  4. Congratulations! I guess in high school we should have named you “Most Likely to Be Stalked”?

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