This week in stupidity

More proof that faking your death, and spelling America, are harder than you think. Plus: Jersey Shore.

First — How Elvis CD trapped man who faked his own death for £850,000.

A father of four who faked his own death to claim more than £850,000 in insurance was caught when a friend attempted to use his HMV staff discount card to buy an Elvis CD, a court heard.

Hugo Jose Sanchez, 57, who worked as a web designer for the music retailer, orchestrated an elaborate plot involving his wife Sophie to embezzle a fortune and start a new life in Central America.

After taking out life insurance policies and building up large credit card debts, his wife contacted his employers telling them he had suffered a fatal heart attack while on holiday in his native Ecuador.

“The plan unravelled when a friend used Sanchez’s staff discount card to buy an Elvis CD, triggering an inquiry involving HMV, insurers and the police.”

When his wife presented his death certificate as proof of his demise, investigators discovered that it bore Sanchez’s fingerprints.

Pseudocide: Don’t try it at home.

Second — more evidence, as if any was needed, that proofreading is essential: Romney campaign spells ‘America’ wrong in new iPhone app.

After the “Amercia” gaffe was discovered, Twitter users took great glee in imagining what “Amercia” stood for and what policies Romney had planned for the nation, such as “Amercia-n exceptionalism.”

“Whew, I hear Mitt’s updating that misspelled Amercia on his app. He’s just going with Untied States now,” read one tweet.

Amercia, Amercia, God mend thine every flaw…

And finally — I am all for terrible creature features. But this movie has everything backward. It features the stars of Jersey Shore hunting maneating sharks, when it should be the other way around.

5 responses to “This week in stupidity

  1. I think if any shark was fed a cast member of Jersey Shore, it would be grounds for a complaint of cruelty to animals. :>)

  2. TheSituation4Prezident

    There’s actually only one cast member of the MTV show featured, however the film features a breakout performance from Joey Fatone, whom you may remember as the ‘fat one’ from n*sync.

  3. Did you hear about the shark who was following a pod of whales, eating their poop? Yeah, he had just eaten a cast member of the Jersey Shore, and he was trying to get the taste out of his mouth! (rimshot)

  4. Advice to Mitt on proofreading: KEEP CLAM AND CARRY ON!

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