New in doomsday scenarios: When galaxies collide

Here’s a new form of Armageddon for Doomsday Preppers to freak out about.

The Andromeda Galaxy is headed straight at the Milky Way and is going to crash into us head on.

Astronomers have used the Hubble Space Telescope to work out when precisely our Milky Way Galaxy will crash into its neighbour, Andromeda.

The pair are being pulled together by their mutual gravity and the scientists expect them to begin to merge in about four billion years’ time.

A further two billion years on and they will appear as a single entity.

Our Sun’s position will be disturbed but the star and its planets are in little danger of being destroyed.

Viewed from Earth, however, the night sky should look fairly spectacular.

So, okay, the preppers have four billion years to prepare for this. And apparently we won’t be destroyed in the galactic pile up. Two things amuse me about what is admittedly an awe-inspiring future for our galaxy:

1. BBC news lists this story under “Environment.” I’m picturing the news ticker in the year 4,000,002,012. “Today’s weather: partly sunny with a 100% chance of A FIERY RAIN OF STARS.”

2. When I sought more information about our impending star-crash at, an ad for this popped up. It may be the most amazing and ridiculous kitchen implement ever invented, and I want one:

UPDATE: In more environmental news, Kate sends word that in Melbourne, it is raining sheep.

2 responses to “New in doomsday scenarios: When galaxies collide

  1. I’m so getting one!

    And I have double-pane windows, so I think I’m okay when the galaxies collide!

  2. Better set the phasers to stun, just in case you don’t use the pizza cutter correctly!

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