London mascot my eye

Because I have bought Olympics tickets, I get emails from the London 2012 folks telling me about all the exciting events that await me this summer. Today I got a message offering me merchandise. Here’s a screenshot:

The bear looks cute. Every London event and historical landmark has an associated teddy bear — Christmas bears, Paddington Bear, Beefeater bears, Sacking of the Monasteries bears. Okay, not Sacking of the Monasteries bears, but the others. The point is, an Olympic bear was a given. And the umbrella — well, the games run in July and August. It’s British summertime. I’d better have a brolly.

But the critter in the back, the giant plushy with the staring eyeball — that, I’m afraid, brings up only one memory, from a childhood spent watching Jonny Quest:

It’s the invisible energy monster, which wails and roars and fries you good. And we know what happens when those things get near a light:

So I am now going to delete the shopping offer and try to expunge the image of the London mascot from my brain, before I have nightmares about it rampaging through my house eating all the lightbulbs. And, possibly, me.

6 responses to “London mascot my eye

  1. You MUST have one of these mascots!

    And, really, what did you expect? (Was that a bad use of commas? I don’t know.) Anyway, do you watch Dr. Who? London is messed up. You guys are crawling with aliens blowing sh*t up and taking over humans. And I would also like to add, don’t live in the county of Midsomer. Someone is constantly being murdered.

  2. Speaking of Dr. Who, couldn’t they have put up a 2012 branded TARDiS?

  3. I’m almost afraid to watch the Olympics on TV now! A cyclops for a mascot? I’m shuddering.

  4. Yes, not sure who designed Wenlock (in your picture) and Mandeville (equally occularly challenged).

  5. Looks more like a mascot for Chernobyl.

  6. Looks like one of the YoGabbaGabba bunch

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