Headed to the mountain writing bunker

I am spending the next few days in an undisclosed location, training to maintain my certification in mixed martial writing arts.

But here’s a view toward the region where I’m heading. Updates to follow.

12 responses to “Headed to the mountain writing bunker

  1. I just watched your video presentation on the Sisters In Crime website and wanted to thank you for the insights and thoughts.

  2. Wow, that’s absolutely beautiful. Looks like Norway.

  3. Nice view. Kinda makes it difficult to stare at a laptop screen, though?

  4. God speed.

  5. Ok, what exactly is “mixed martial writing arts”?
    It looks beautiful, very peaceful, the perfect location for a training.

  6. Beautiful… looks like Switzerland! Have fun, Meg.

  7. Your view is beautiful. Good luck with your writing.

  8. Thanks, everybody. The view is indeed stunning, but thanks to my ninja warrior zen writer assault course training, I have learned to ignore it and concentrate. Or I just close the blinds.

    More photos to follow. One of your guesses about the location got it…

  9. Knew you were a kick-ass writer…

  10. I’ve just realised it’s only two and a half weeks until Ransom River comes out! This is one of only a very few things that I love about winter in NZ… a new Meg Book!
    No, don’t come out of your bunker to chat about it, we need you in there writing, writing, writing!
    After all, following this winter there’ll be (if God wills it) yet another!

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