Take the stairs, not the escalator. No, really.

UPDATE: As always, I should have checked Snopes before posting. The photo’s a mockup. It was taken after a flood at Toronto’s Union Station, where there may have been hockey players floating in the water, but no sharks. Thanks to Chris Rice for reminding me never to trust what I see on the Internet. And now I am even more likely than ever to use this idea in a thriller.

Yes, I know I am in an undisclosed location and supposedly devoting every waking minute to ninja zen writer assault training, but I could not ignore this story:

Shark Tank Collapses at the Scientific Center in Kuwait.

And yes: I’d put a scene like this in one of my novels, but people would think it’s preposterous. But oh, my, is it tempting.

3 responses to “Take the stairs, not the escalator. No, really.

  1. I know Kuwait is dangerous but (insert your favorite cliche)

  2. Looks a lot like Tallahassee. :>)

  3. During my commuting years I passed through this station (Toronto, not Kuwait) a bejillion times, and never saw anything like this. Nor floods. Nor hockey players.

    On the other hand, considering the fate of my namesake character in The Dirty Secrets Club (incinerated in an elevator) I think I’ll stick to the escalators, or “Rolling Staircases” as translated from the French.

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