I’m interviewed at Terribleminds

Chuck Wendig puts me through the wringer at his blog, Terribleminds.

He explains: “I had the chance to lock Meg in a room for a few weeks while I subjected her to a battery of psychological tests in the form of ‘interview questions,’ and below are the results of that experiment.”

Why do you tell stories?
Because holding people’s suspended disbelief in my hands is a beautiful, powerful kick. And when those people gasp, or laugh, or throw my book across the room, I think, Yeah. Thank you. Now tell me a story that makes me feel the same way.

So: how do you suspend someone’s disbelief? Any tricks?
I stand before a mirror in a darkened room and chant, “Chuck Wendig, Chuck Wendig, Chuck Wendig.”


– Create characters who talk and laugh and ache like people we know in real life.

– Keep the pace up. Readers who are flipping pages to see what happens next do not pause to mull the metaphysical unreality of fiction.

– Don’t commit any howlers. “Queen Elizabeth leaned out the window of the taxi, hoisted the Uzi, and cleared London traffic in her usual way.” Oh, come on. The Queen would never take a taxi.

Read the rest, then stay and wander around Chuck’s amazing blog, and think about picking up one of his books, such as Revenge of the Penmonkey or his new novel, Blackbirds.

One response to “I’m interviewed at Terribleminds

  1. Excellent interview, and very entertaining. Loved the story about the kids in the car; and the daughter was right: wouldn’t it be better to die AFTER you had defeated the Orcs? And also, the Queen and the Uzi. Certainly she’d use a British Tommy gun?

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