How not to promote your book

It’s crazy out there.

“Kindness in America” memoirist admits shooting himself.

(Reuters) – A man who claimed he was shot by a passing motorist in Montana while on a cross-country hitchhiking tour for a book about kindness in America has confessed to shooting himself in a desperate bid for attention, authorities said on Friday.

“Ray Dolin, 39, admitted to the hoax when pressed by Valley County deputies, who had begun to believe that a man they had arrested on suspicion of committing the supposed drive-by shooting was innocent, Sheriff Glen Meier said.”

Next up: Lawyer mom accused of planting drugs on rival PTA president had written a book about ‘the perfect crime.’

A lawyer accused of planting drugs in the car of a volunteer at her son’s school had previously written a book about committing the ‘perfect crime’, it has emerged.

Jill Easter, who is accused along with her husband of conspiring against PTA president Kelli Peters, wrote the novel Holding House under the pen name of Ava Bjork, and it was published last year.

Easter, an attorney-turned-novelist, created a promotional video for her book which was uploaded to YouTube. It asks readers: ‘If you knew how to commit the perfect crime, would you do it?’

“It is alleged that Easter and her husband, Kent, conspired to frame Kelli Peters by putting Vicodin, Percocet, marijuana and a used marijuana pipe behind the front seat of her car. The couple, both lawyers, were charged Tuesday with conspiracy to procure false arrest, false imprisonment and conspiracy to falsely report a crime.”

There’s always a parent who wants to rule the schoolyard. You know it. I swear that the one real psychopath I’ve met was a grade school room mother.

And finally: at her latest book launch, Katie Price reveals her next ambition.

Katie Price wants to write sexier books – and be a crime author.

And yes, the photo really does show Katie, aka “glamour model” Jordan, “straddling Dante, the stallion.”

What can I say? I can’t wait to see Jordan, in all her blonde, augmented glory, riding her black stallion into a meeting of the Crime Writers’ Association.

However, I’ll note that In the Name of Love is the eighth novel with Katie’s name on the cover — not the eighth book she has written. Neigh.

5 responses to “How not to promote your book

  1. I’m guessing Katie includes crimes against literature?

  2. Being a lawyer, you’d have to be totally blind or crazy to believe you could get away with a stunt like framing someone by putting drugs in their trunk. Sheesh!
    Oh, and the stallion picture. It’s totally hot. I love it. 🙂

  3. Can’t even bring myself to comment about Jordan, but I admire the dedication the shooting yourself in the name of promotion. Lots of people in my Writing Group baulked at the idea of setting up a blog or opening a Twitter account. Shooting yourself is real dedication. I’ll probably not venture beyond social media myself, though.

    And as for lawyer Moms turned novelists. There the ones you really have to watch.

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