Travel day scorecard

Yesterday I wrote:

I can work on a 747 in flight, in a thunderstorm, surrounded by flying cutlery and crying babies — but if my kids start laughing in the next room, I’m doomed. Well, today I’m going to put all that to the test. The family’s headed on a road trip.

So how’d I do?

    • The jetliner was  777, but packed — every seat was taken.
    • We had clear skies the whole flight.
    • There was never enough turbulence to send the  cutlery flying. But it wouldn’t have taken much — all those flimsy plastic forks and spoons.
    • Crying babies, not so much. But the Husband spent most of the  flight bouncing back and forth like a crash test dummy, while a mom in the row behind us repeatedly told her toddler: “Stop kicking that man’s seat.” And if we hadn’t swapped places in mid flight, the crash test dummy would have been me.
    • My son kept laughing loudly and shaking his head and laughing some more — watching 21 Jump Street.

So, did I work? I typed like a fiend. God knows what, because I kept nodding off and letting my computer slide half off my lap, until one of the guys shook me awake and I sat up with a start, shouting, “What. What?” Finally I ordered my fingers to type nonstop so I wouldn’t lose hold of the laptop. And my word count for the day hit 2,000. God knows if any of them are in English — I’m afraid to look.

One response to “Travel day scorecard

  1. All work and no play makes Jo a dull girl.
    All work and no play makes Jo a dull girl.
    All work and . . . .

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