The Big Thrill: Interview & Roundtable

The Big Thrill, the online magazine of the International Thriller Writers, is where I’ll be hanging out this week.

First, they’ve posted an interview with me about Ransom River — which is published on July 5th.

What was the lightning bolt that made you begin the first tingling brainstorming moments of RANSOM RIVER? Did you ever serve on a jury?

I’m a former lawyer. So I know how people feel about being called for jury duty: trapped. And I know that nowadays criminal courts are extremely concerned about security. They’d better be – in the 1970s, the Marin County courthouse was attacked by a gunman and four people died in a shootout, including a judge. Maybe it was a lawyer’s unconscious fear bubbling to the surface, but I wanted to write about a juror who’s literally trapped in a courtroom, held hostage by gunmen making crazed demands.

Second, from July 2-8 I’m taking part in the Thriller Roundtable — an online discussion of the question, “Which comes first, plot or character?” The other authors taking part are Joseph Amiel, Charles Martin, Michael D. Urban, Allison Leotta, Jon Land, and John Hartness. I’ll let you know when I’ve added my two cents, or poked the hornet’s nest.

And in general: Because my novel is published on Thursday, this week I’ll be talking about it at every opportunity. So be prepared.

6 responses to “The Big Thrill: Interview & Roundtable

  1. Great interview, Meg. I’m so excited that July is finally here. Though, I’m a bit nervous about reading R.R now after reading that interview.
    I can’t tell you how many times (It’s embarrassing) I’ve gotten out of jury duty over the last 18 years while being a full time parent and part time grand-parent carer.
    Yes, I had legitimate reasons but have leaned on those rather heavily. Sitting in a court room would probably undo me, I feel panicky right now just writing this. I would rather visit the dentist, (whole other story right there) would rather go through labour without pain relief. (again…)
    I just don’t know what I will say to them once my children are grown and my sweet grand-parents all gone. Maybe if I throw up on the return letter?

  2. Am super excited for the book to come out. Good luck at the roundtable 🙂

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