Ransom River: AP review

Sometimes you wake up in the morning to a real surprise, such as the discovery of the Higgs particle, or finding that the cat has hunted down a rabbit and left it under your desk as a gift. Or you read a review of your new novel that makes you say yowza.

Here’s the Associated Press on Ransom River:

“Rory is a fantastic protagonist. She’s smart, quick-thinking, fiercely loyal and resilient. She’s the sort of action hero you want to see in movies: She can take multiple hits, and they just make her stronger.

“Furthermore, ‘Ransom River’ is everything you want in a blockbuster thriller: multiple plot twists, thoroughly creepy psychotic villains, danger at every turn. Gardiner has an enviable talent for pushing characters and plot elements to the point of straining credibility, but she never breaks the limits of plausibility. And the manner in which Rory pieces things together is satisfyingly unexpected.

“Gardiner’s conclusion to ‘Ransom River’ leaves open the possibility for a sequel, and to that may I just say: yes, please.”

And to that may I just say: thank you.

3 responses to “Ransom River: AP review

  1. Congratulations, Meg! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Me too. I still only have nine Meg Gardiner books. Seems kinda unbalanced.

  3. Ditto all that. So happy for you, Meg. July has become an exciting time of year. (Thank you…)

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