Tambourine scream

Next week I’m heading to Oklahoma City. And I’m leaving my tambourine at home.

Overzealous tambourine player tasered at church.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Mark Myers said, “Nobody could pay attention to the sermon or what was going on so that’s when our deputy was able to take care of the situation.”

The religious ruckus happened at Victory Church at 1515 N. Kelly Ave in Edmond.

A woman was apparently playing a tambourine too loudly during Wednesday night services.

When she refused to stop, the woman was escorted out by an off duty Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Myers said, “He had to physically escort her outside the church. Once outside, she broke free from the deputy and tried to go back inside, there became a physical confrontation.”

According to the arrest report, the deputy was forced to pepper spray and tase the unruly woman.

“Myers said, ‘She was not filled with the Holy spirit. She was not being very Christianly and this is why the folks decided to get her out as soon as possible.’”

Now, I’ve been to church services where, if I’d had a Taser, a crazed tambourine player might have been in trouble. Tambourines can, unfortunately, be bought without a license and played without any training. This encourages folks with delusions of musicality to join the choir, often at the last moment and without invitation. Sometimes in the middle of a song. Honest to God, I don’t know where they come from, but they just show up and start whacking away, sounding like a recycler pushing a shopping cart full of cans across a gravel road. So a bit of tasering, or some encouragement with a sparky cattle prod, seems appropriate. Mild, even.

Sorry… I come from a family of church musicians and was fantasizing there. What I really meant to say was: tasering somebody, in church? What is the world coming to?

7 responses to “Tambourine scream

  1. It was for the best. It is well known that hitmen (or women) often disguise themselves as tambourine players, with the edges of those tiny little cymbals honed to razor sharpness ready for throwing as ninja shurikens.

  2. Couldn’t they just all “pray” for her that she’d stop misbehaving rather that get the non lethal self defense weapons out?

  3. Perhaps the Remnant has found a new home?

  4. I’ve just read many of the comments below that story and one of the posters seems to be her daughter. She says that her Mom suffers from “a genetic disease, which causes her to appear intoxicated and also includes involutary muscle movements”. She also states that her Mom was protesting (resisting) on being taken out of the church because they made her leave her purse behind.
    She later mentions that the officer involved was off duty so therefore shouldn’t be carrying weapons.

    I don’t really know what to say to this. (Actually I do, but WordPress might not want to support my choice of words.)

  5. Ex 15:20
    Then Miriam the prophet, Aaron’s sister, took a tambourine and led all the women as they played their tambourines and danced.

    Well, you know how tambourine playing leads to dancing, and dancing leads to, uh, more dancing.

  6. Meg, I want your newsfeed.

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