Tonight: Barnes & Noble Oklahoma City

This evening I’ll be speaking and signing at Barnes & Noble on May Avenue in Oklahoma City. Book events always get me pumped up, but tonight’s event is special because OKC is where I was born. And all my family is here. And they might show up en masse, which means (1) the feud, and (2) if you show up as well, you’ll have an excellent chance to worm embarrassing stories out of them about me.

I’ll be talking about Ransom River, which has now been loose in the wild for ten days. And it has spread everywhere. Last night I checked, and the Barnes & Noble here has corraled a bunch of copies, which are all waiting for happy homes.

And to reward folks who take the time to come out and hear me, I’m going to have a surprise or two during my talk. So if you want to find out stuff about my writing you won’t hear anyplace else… for another year or so… tonight’s your chance.

July 16: Book talk and signing
7 p.m.
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
6100 N May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: 405.843.9300

2 responses to “Tonight: Barnes & Noble Oklahoma City

  1. I could be in Oklahoma City vicariously…I want to know stuff too.

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