Olympics, Olympics, Olympics, Olympics.

Happy first day of the Olympics!

That is all.


7 responses to “Olympics

  1. Must. Watch. Olympics.

  2. Woot woot!!!

  3. I love Dave Barry’s hard hitting investigative reporting at the Olympics. On to the Fife and Plunger for a beer.

  4. Are you going to any of the events?

    • In about half an hour I’m going to hike through the woods to find a place where I can watch the men’s bike road race.

      And I have tickets to see track and field.

  5. Ah. Got home from a looooooooooooooooooooooong day of driving just in time for the bringing in of the flag and lighting of the torch. I blinked, so missed the I declare these games open. I think that was the Queen. Oh yes, and hey Jude.

    Yes, fun and Games here we come.

  6. I love, love LOVE the Olympics. Opening ceremony…wonderful!

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