Olympics Day 1: Men’s cycle road race

Today I saw my first ever Olympic event – one minute of the men’s 150 mile bike road race. It passed near my house. Here is my shaky video of the Peleton racing past. You can get a sense of the atmosphere, which was tremendous. And you can get a sense of how fast these guys were going by how fast the chase cars are rolling behind them — which is noticeably faster than the speed limit on the road. And this was 130 miles into the race.

And yes, it was fantastic.

7 responses to “Olympics Day 1: Men’s cycle road race

  1. Fantastic. In the end I stayed up and watched this on TV. Finished sometime after 3.00 am in NZ.

  2. Okay, this is going to label me a real dink, but that sort of choked me up for some reason.

  3. You’re not the only one. If I watch the video I’ll get choked up again.

    Something like a million people came out to cheer the riders on. That’s worth getting choked up over.

  4. I stayed up (all night) last night and watched the Cross Country Equestrian event.
    I am such a patriotic fool, every time I saw a Kiwi rider, my eyes filled up. I love these games soooooo much. Four years can seem like such a long time to wait.

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