Olympic postscript… more photos

Since the closing ceremony for London 2012 I’ve been sitting on the floor hugging my knees, whimpering, “Olympics, come back…” But that hasn’t happened, so I must move on. Soon. But not before posting a few more photos from my day at the Olympic Park.

Here I am with my son Nate outside the stadium.

Here’s The Orbit, designed by Anish Kapoor. Tickets were sold out and there was a line for the trip to the top, even though this is not actually a roller coaster.

And here’s what many sports fans considered the best thing at the Olympic Park:

But because I don’t drink beer, I had my own favorite: the little remote controlled MINI Coopers that retrieved javelins, hammers, and shot puts on the field. Mini-MINIs decked out with Union Jacks. How very London.

Now back to my previously scheduled nostalgia. Olympics, come back…

4 responses to “Olympic postscript… more photos

  1. Thanks for sharing! Wish I’d been able to return to England to see some of it. I agree about missing them, although for me it’d mean spending more hours in front of the television which is not where I should be.
    Nice to see Nate all grown up!

  2. Are you going to catch any Paralympics events? I’ve been way too disorganized to get tickets, but plan to find a spot along the marathon route and screech for the Canadians.

    • Today I’m going on the tickets website to see what’s still available. Swimming and track & field, I hope. And the marathon’s a great idea. I will find a spot and listen for your distinctive Canadian screech.

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