Coming up: Contest, Editmageddon, 2012 Apocalypse

Here’s what’s coming up on the blog, and in my life, in the near future:

1. Contest 2012. Again this year, the winner will have a character named after him or her — or a loved one — in my next novel.

2. Editdämmerung 2012. Deadline. Book. Soon. Crazytown!

3. Apocalypse 2012. For fun, here’s an interview with the NASA scientist who answers 2012 Apocalypse emails. (Spoiler: the world is not going to end in December.)

And to finish off today’s post: a final goodbye to the games of London 2012.

And now: to the writing bunker!

3 responses to “Coming up: Contest, Editmageddon, 2012 Apocalypse

  1. CONTEST! yipppeeee. And I promise right now, no one here will have to suffer the usual Dana Jean cluster f of postings fixing previous postings.

    I *twitch* promise.

  2. Contest. Contest. Oh joy. Oh rapture. Contest.
    (I’d use you-know-whats instead of periods, but I’m overdrawn at the EM bank until 2016.)

  3. At least you have plenty of Junior Mints for the edit bunker! 🙂

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