Today in Crazytown: Editmania edition

How many ways is the world going nuts today?

First: Dear cops… Next time a driver tells you the squirrel in his shirt is eating him, pay attention.

Deputies: DUI driver had squirrel in his shirt.

According to an arrest report, Warren Michael III produced the squirrel to show the deputy.

And because I have vowed never again to write about an animal in peril and then leave its fate uncertain:

After Michael’s arrest, the pickup and squirrel were released to Michael’s girlfriend.

Next: Think I’ll avoid the Philadelphia airport.

Airport error: Officer trying to unload flight attendant’s gun accidentally fires it.

The flight attendant, who works for Republic Airlines, has a permit to carry the weapon and that she was cited only for taking the .38-caliber revolver through security. The police officer was temporarily taken off patrol duty.

“She will go back to training for handling weapons.”

Well then, everything’s dandy.

And finally, news that could turn my sons into doomsday preppers:
Global Bacon Shortage ‘Unavoidable’ Next Year, Says U.K.’s National Pig Association.

Crazy, I tell you. It’s a crazy world.

2 responses to “Today in Crazytown: Editmania edition

  1. No! Please, not the global bacon shortage! Whatever will we eat?

  2. This sounds like a conspiracy of those who would replace food with Tofu. :>)

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