Editmania ends

Editmageddon is done. For the moment, anyhow. I have subdued the first draft of the new novel and sent it to my agent and editor. Now I just have to apply antiseptic to all the claw marks (messy first drafts fight back against being subdued, you know). And I have to clean my office. And omigod, the laundry. Also, some time ago I was informed by the family that we were out of bacon and in the middle of a shampoo emergency. So there’s that.

But despite the fact that I’m more or less drooling and trying to remember where I put my brain, I am grateful that in 2012, I can submit all my work electronically. This saves postage, paper, and gives me extra time. I have deadlines, and being able to push SEND is an immense boon. I’m not saying that there was ever an occasion when I printed out a final draft, realized it barely fit in the giant padded envelope, then realized I was out of everything except duct tape, then realized the post office was closing in ten minutes and drove like a crazy woman into town, couldn’t find a parking place, and ended up running a quarter of a mile along a busy sidewalk, hugging a bulging silver-strapped envelope and shouting, “Out of my way! I’m a novelist on a deadline!” But, yeah. Electronic submissions are my friend.

Now to sleep. And pack! Because Wednesday I am flying to Cleveland for Bouchercon, the World Mystery Convention. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a preview.

Mystery writers, fans head to Cleveland for big Bouchercon convention.

Back in a bit.

4 responses to “Editmania ends

  1. Yea!

  2. LOL, I am not a particularly religious person, but electronic submission is a godsend!
    Glad you made your deadline and enjoy Bouchercon!

  3. No bacon or shampoo? Say it ain’t so! Thanks for giving us a hilarious look at the frenzied life of an author on a deadline.

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