Road trip: Cleveland

I’m flying to Cleveland today for Bouchercon. There I’ll join 1500 or so readers and authors for the World Mystery Convention. Where we will go wild. Or as wild as people carrying armfuls of books can go.

Bouchercon really is a lot of fun — a yearly chance to get together with other fans of mystery fiction. Because, of course, all writers are huge fans. And this is where we can discuss our favorite books for days on end. I’m at Heathrow airport right now, and two of the editors of Shots are on my flight. They’re as excited as kids going to Disney World. You know how airlines provide children with coloring books and stick-on wings? I think United might have to provide Mike Stotter and Ali Karim with Dennis Lehane and Val McDermid books for this flight, to keep them from running up and down the aisles and jumping on the seats.

More to follow.

2 responses to “Road trip: Cleveland

  1. Stacy McKitrick

    Wish I could go – you’ll be so close, too!!

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