Hello from Nashville

I’m on a research trip to check out the Daughter’s new digs. So far, Nashville looks like a nice town. And now, a few brief, final observations about Bouchercon in Cleveland and my trip to Tennessee:

1. Most surprising sight in Cleveland: a woman in a leopard-print velour jumpsuit and an I Love Lucy hairnet. A magenta hairnet. London fashion ain’t got nothing on northern Ohio.

2. Most surprising question: came from the man pacing back and forth outside the conference hotel, the guy wearing giant eyeglasses with drinking straws wrapped around the frames. “Lady!” he said, and pointed at the Bouchercon nametag hanging around my neck from a lanyard. “You guys with your credentials. Are you all federal agents?”

I assured him we were.

3. Flying into Nashville on a Sunday morning, I was the only passenger in my row not filling out a Bible study worksheet. And at baggage claim I was probably the only person not to collect a musical instrument.

More later.

2 responses to “Hello from Nashville

  1. Nashville was a pretty good place to live in the mid-80s. I had a wonder first job out of school there (programming), and it’s where I began to realize that I was a latent country music fan. And, it’s only the third most insane place I’ve every driven!

  2. The digs look civilized–well done, Kate!

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