Today in weird: heroin, shotguns, and diamonds

Because the world is bizarre.

Do Not Bring Heroin to Jury Duty: “A Williamsburg high school teacher serving on the jury of a murder trial was arrested yesterday at a Manhattan court house for hiding eighteen baggies of heroin in a cigarette box.” Yeah — the instructions always tell jurors how to dress for court and whether they can accept hearsay testimony. This really needs to be added to the list.

Disaster shelter offers full kitchen, flat-screen TV:
“Corrugated pipe ‘Doomsday’ bunker priced at $59,900.” (Via Gregg Hurwitz, who notes that any bunker equipped with a flat-screen “means the designer’s imagination about what Doomsday entails is limited.”)

And finally, for those doomsday preppers who want to put a ring on it after they blast the zombies attacking their corrugated honeymoon suite: “A jewelry store in North Liberty, Iowa, is offering a most unusual deal—a free shotgun to customers who purchase an engagement ring.” Buy an engagement ring, get a free gun.

And people ask me where I get my ideas.

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