Hurricane watch

To everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy: stay safe. Hunker down. Read a book.

Let us know how you’re faring.

And yes, my kid in New York City: that means you.

4 responses to “Hurricane watch

  1. I’ll read a book until the power is lost – and it will be – then I’ll use my fully charged Kindle Fire. That won’t last long though. If what they are saying is accurate (for southern NH), and from past experience, we won’t have power again for about a week. It’s okay though, I’ll be busy with the chainsaw cleaning up the trees that are sure to come down on my property.

    Still, I’m luckier than my friend, who lives right on the southern coast of Long Island. His home will be under 8-11 feet of sea water by tonight. He had a mandatory evacuation inland.

  2. Water bottles filled – check
    Cash from the bank – check
    Kitty litter supply topped up – check
    3 days supply of coffee ground – check
    Candles at the ready – check

    In Toronto, we’re just warned of heavy rain and wind. That’s quite enough.

  3. We’re far enough from the coast that our major ocncerns are power outages from high winds beinging down trees and power lines (unless, of course, a tree lands on the house) and water seeping into the basement. On the plus side, with all the cancellations I have time to clear my desk before NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) starts on November 1. My goal is to write the second half of the novel I started in NaNo 2005.

  4. concerns
    Where is the Edit key?

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