Contest 2012: the judging begins

Contest 2012 is now closed. Many thanks to everybody who entered. Your entries have been thoughtful, funny, and off the wall — just what I wanted. Reading them, I’ve laughed out loud more than once.

And now I will sequester myself in my garage with a dartboard and a bottle of gin read through them all to select the winner and two runners up.

Results in a few days.

10 responses to “Contest 2012: the judging begins

  1. I’m going to miss that human ball-bearing. (Dammit!)
    And I agree with Deej on hearing about the face behind the photo thing.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity Meg. I got hooked on this contest during a time when I needed some humor and fun in my life, and I’ve been coming back ever since.

    Great participation and lots of new faces this year.

  3. sorry, this isn’t the place for this but just wanted to ask, are you still a U.S. citizen and if so, do you vote in the elections? Just curious.

  4. Of course I’m a U.S. citizen. I’m one of about 140,000 Americans who live in London. And I vote!

  5. Meg, I’ve been wondering this for a long time. (and really hope I haven’t just missed the discussion…)
    When you (kill or maim) write somebody into your stories, have you already created the scenario during first writing and left the characters name blank? (“Blah-blah fell into the hole in the back of the couch and was never seen again…”)
    Or do you have to go to a scene and insert new story to incorporate the character?

  6. And are you the only judge Meg, or does the family champion certain entries?

  7. In answer to the questions above:

    1. Flakes: Neither. I generally run the contest at a point when the first draft of the novel is already written. Once I choose a contest winner, I go through the draft and substitute the winner’s name for an existing character’s first-draft name.

    2. Dana Jean: The choice is mine. I am megalomaniacal.

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