Mistakes people make about my book titles

Let me clear a few things up.

1. China Lake is not a travel book.

2. The German edition of The Dirty Secrets Club is Die Beichte — “The Confession.” It’s pronounced “Dee Bye-shtuh.” Not Die Bitch.

3. My current novel is not titled Rancid River. To the person shocked I would call my novel something so ridiculous: I didn’t.

17 responses to “Mistakes people make about my book titles

  1. I really liked Jericho Exclamation Point myself. Oh and Cross Stitch was remarkable! :>)

  2. Well, I dunno. I was really intrigued when I bought Missing Canyon. “Where could it have gone?” I asked, eager to get it home and read it.

    (Though I have to confess, really, that sometimes I think it’s Random River. Still has a nice ring, eh?)

  3. The realest toughest one to follow was The Mummuenscanz Collector. I had to keep writing down what i thought were clues only to find I couldn’t recall where I laid them down and had to start over. I’m still reading Chapter One….
    What does one do with a Mummenschanz once it’s collected? I am afraid I’ll never know.

  4. Really, which of your book titles is not odd or offensive? I mean, the Sam Beckett books are called, The Dirty Sucrets Club, The Mammary Collector, The Liar’s Wallaby, and The Nightie Thief, while the Dana Delaney books are called, China Lick, Manson Canyon, Cheerio Point, Crass Cut, and Kale Chain. Not to mention that Spuds MacKenzie one-off, Handsome Reiver. 😉

  5. My favorite is Mitch and Cameron, Meg’s intimate memoir about the making of the classic film A Face in the Crowd starring Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal and Walter Matthau, directed by Elia Kazan and featuring cameos by Mitch (Follow the Bouncing Ball) Miller and John Cameron Swayze.

    • Sorry Ron, but Mitch and Cameron was about Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams and Cameron Crowe and that summer they traveled the backroads of America, trying to catch a game at every minor league baseball park in America.

      They were Almost Famous.

  6. Mission Canyon: The untold story of Steve Canyon’s final flight, and task force that was sent to recover his body, his plane, and the top secret cargo.

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