TV shows we miss

This year I’ve gotten into some great TV series: Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Homeland. But every now and then I turn on the television and am reminded of lost favorites — shows that are no longer on. Some were canceled too soon. Some were ruined by a change in writers or direction. Some ran their natural course. Still, I miss the characters like old friends I don’t get to see anymore.

A few of my (admittedly idiosyncratic) long lost favorites:

WKRP in Cincinnati
The West Wing
Dark Angel (Season 1)
Joan of Arcadia
Star Trek

And yes, yes, I know… Star Trek is not gone. But I have to wait until May for this:

How about you?

11 responses to “TV shows we miss

  1. The X-Files
    Key West (lasted only one season on Fox, but it was brilliant.)
    WKRP in Cincinnati (one of my all-time favorites)
    Night Court

    (It’s been a long time since my last comment, I hope everyone’s been well. I’m still workin’ on it, but things are looking up.)

  2. Picket Fences
    Mary Tyler Moore Show

  3. Carol Burnett. Nothing before or since has ever been so funny.

  4. WKRP was good, but I actually liked Three’s Company better.

    I’ve liked Star Trek since I was a little kid, when I was allowed to stay up and watch it with my Dad.

  5. I liked Star Trek TNG best. I really miss Veronica Mars, though. That show got cancelled way too early. Same with Firefly.

  6. Sports Night
    Arrested Development
    I remember enjoying M*A*S*H and Barney Miller, but have not seen either in eons.

    • Arrested Development is being resurrected! A new season is in the works for Netflix streaming subscribers.

      (Thanks, Meg! It’s great to be back!)

  7. Star Trek
    Night Court
    Few shows come close, anymore. Although Big Bang Theory shows promise. 🙂

  8. Brimstone, only 13 episodes ever made but I loved it.

  9. Firefly.
    Dead Like Me.
    The Andy Griffith Show (I live almost next door to the community Mayberry was based on)

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