What, no monkey boots?

Dapper monkey shocks shoppers at IKEA.

An unaccompanied monkey wearing a stylish winter coat and a diaper surprised Sunday shoppers at a Toronto Ikea.

The fashionable rhesus macaque, sporting a miniature shearling jacket, was first spotted in the parking lot, before roaming around and eventually being cornered inside the store.

Police believe that the pet had been in a car before escaping from both a crate and the vehicle to look around Ikea. Canadian police said: ‘It’s a smart monkey.’

Mr. Peebles has a lot to learn when it comes to monkey fashion.

4 responses to “What, no monkey boots?

  1. “Stressful shopping experience,” they said. Well duh. Anyone who goes to Ikea on a Sunday, never mind 2 weeks before Christmas, is just asking for stress.

    (Yes, that’s my Ikea.)

  2. According to a caption of a picture that accompanied the story, the monkey darted around the store screaming.

    I’ve done that at Ikea before.

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