Today in hot stuff

Yes, we’re back to Wackytown.

First up: Spanish woman claims she owns the sun – and now plans to start charging ALL users.

Hey, lady: I call dibs on the Milky Way. Now pay me rent.

Second: Husband trying to wow wife with housework irons his own face.

I have nothing to add to that.

Finally: “Thighs of a Virgin” school protests name change.

And in the Christmas season, no less.

4 responses to “Today in hot stuff

  1. I’ve never ironed my face but I always thought dusting would be much easier and faster with the aid of a leaf-blower. It scared the heck out of the cats, though…

    Wackytown is a nice place to visit. Thanks, Meg.

  2. It’s looking to me like Flathead County may not be all that unique. I have noticed the collective IQ of humanity has been dropping at a precipitous rate. Personally, I am blaming advertising. It started exploding in the 70s and mankind has been getting dumber by the year. I should write an essay on this subject.

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