Bad book covers

My publishers have given my novels some amazing covers. But not all authors are so fortunate. Have a look at some particularly bad ones. And let’s take a vote. Which one of the covers below do you think is worse?

This one, which says that hope is a thermonuclear cloud of destruction:


Or this one, which gives new meaning to Chuck Connors’ wooden acting:


5 responses to “Bad book covers

  1. Well, come on, though: That’s a Rifleman COMIC BOOK. Not really a sporting comparison.

    Not that it’s all that great a comic book cover, either.

    Aww, geez. NOW I see what you’re talking about. Hoo boy.

  2. Oh man, some of those covers were pretty funny, but some outright made my skin crawl.

  3. I will just mention that here in Des Moines, Iowa, we have a… ahem… “gentleman’s club” called “The Lumberyard” that uses the following as a marketing slogan: Where real men go to get wood. At least that’s what it has always sounded like on the radio. Maybe it’s, “Where riflemen go…”

  4. Since I go for the inappropriate joke at all times, you can guess which one I pick.

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