Merry Christmas

May everybody who’s celebrating have a wonderful Christmas.

I hope your day is merry and bright. To entertain you, try this out: the Action-Hero Name Generator. Mine is Colt Breslin.

The Action-Movie-Name Generator.

Or, for Hunger Games fans:

The Hunger Games Name Generator.

Mine is Hardie Hayes. Go on, try it — and may the odds be ever in your favor.

7 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

    Preach Cutler and Althea Oldenshoot respectively.

  2. Hope your Christmas was a great one!
    Hunger Games: Iberis Herriot
    Action Movie Name: Kane Seeker—-BAHAHAHAHA! Considering the MRI scheduled for my knee tomorrow, particularly appropriate, hopefully not prophetic. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I’m Theta Herriot, so guess we’re related. If you’re picked, sorry, I’m not taking your place. But maybe my action hero alter-ego, Sly Mason, will save you,

  3. Kit Luger and Alto Lockhearst. Which means from now on, please call me Kit. Or Mr. Luger.

    Was working somewhere a few weeks back where everyone had name tags on their desk dividers. Saw someone whose real name was as good a movie name as you could get – Kitty August! Love it.

  4. Much-belated happy Christmas! And let’s throw in a happy New Year, too. My Hunger Games name is Silver Yule. Action hero: Ray Hart. Wonder how they are generated…

  5. Hello, I’m Frank Breslin, Action Hero. Or Crucis Roxen to my friends.

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