Keeping perspective: me, Tom Cruise & the Universe

How to keep perspective:

1. On Twitter, mention that I’ve seen Jack Reacher.

2. Discover that in response, has retweeted and followed me.

3. Feel very pleased with myself.

4. Discover that when you mention Tom Cruise online, random strangers will write to you declaring (a) their undying love for him, (b) their undying hatred for him, (c) that they’re much better actors than he is, (d) that the thriller they’ve written is much better than Jack Reacher, and (e) that I should get them a job. Still, feel very pleased with myself.

5. Spend time browsing The Scale of the Universe. Rediscover where, exactly, I fit in the overall scheme of things.

2 responses to “Keeping perspective: me, Tom Cruise & the Universe

  1. I hadn’t read Lee Child until earlier this year, and loved the first Jack Reacher book so much that I read the next thirteen in about six or seven weeks (I’m saving myself for the next three). I was a little apprehensive about casting such a diminutive actor in the role of Reacher, who is around ten inches taller, but I do like Tom Cruise, so was happy to reserve judgement. Jack Reacher opened in NZ last night and I was keen to see it. I wasn’t disappointed. Great action movie, which remained very true to the book. The plot changes worked well, and I thought the minor scenes that show that Reacher owning only the clothes he is wearing were a nice touch. Tom Cruise plays a different Reacher to the one in the book. But not that different. I’m looking forward to the next movie. And the latest three books.

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