Book covers from bad to worse

For your enjoyment and edification: art work — from both amateur and professional designers — that will probably get you to judge books by their covers.


Bad Book Covers.


Lousy Book Covers.

I want to see the cricket-bunny-pig fight the Yeti.

11 responses to “Book covers from bad to worse

  1. SEriously? These are honest to goodness book covers?

  2. Did you see the book cover, “If You Miss the Train I’m On” with the red shoe and the trail of blobby blood? If You Miss the Train I’m On, I think it means the train ran you over. In all your chopped up glory, don’t touch the third rail.

  3. Brak the Barbarian versus the Sorceress — The horse needs to be riding Brak.

  4. Will You Be My Brussel Sprout?

    Seriously? This is a book? How I wish I owned this book. And the Venusia one, WTH? I also like Horses’ Asteroid. That is just all sorts of awesome.

  5. Sobering. Very very sobering.
    Of course, the missing apostrophe from If You Miss the Train Im On is possibly the worst crime.

  6. I think these should be kept secret. It could completely invalidate the old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

  7. I actually saw a paperback copy of “The Hollow Earth” out in the wild once, I just don’t remember if was one of the big chains or the local used book store.

    And, just what was a hand doing sticking out of Dracula’s mouth?

  8. I remember marveling at the covers in the paperback book section of the high school library, as well as in most libraries. Paperbacks are the worst/best offenders! Especially sci-fi! It’s like they think anyone who likes sci-fi, romance, or westerns has no artistic sense.

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