Editing, Justified, Homeland, etc.

A quick note to my family:

1. Yes, I’m working through the copy edits of The Shadow Tracer. It’s mini edit-mania! But it’s all right. I’ll be done in a few days. And in the meanwhile, you are permitted to phone me. Except any of you who are telemarketers trying to sell me insurance or double glazed windows.

2. To my son: I will try to find out the answer to your question… “In real life, does everybody who walks into a room with a U.S. Marshal take as long to greet him as they do in Justified? ‘Well, if it isn’t Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, in the flesh, and every inch the gunslinger everybody says he is.’ Because meetings with the Marshals Service would take forever.” I’ll let you know.

3. Tonight I am finally going to watch the season finale of Homeland. Starting tomorrow, I won’t walk through the room with my fingers stuck in my ears, going, “La la la…” when you talk spoilery talk about the show. Aren’t you glad?

One response to “Editing, Justified, Homeland, etc.

  1. Don’t you go putting up any spoilers, Little Missy! Season 2 isn’t on Apple TV yet!

    And I agree with Son #2. No way they say all that. It’s more like: “Hey.” “Hey.” Maybe with a “‘Sup?” thrown in when they’re chatty.

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