An out-of-this-world tour

Normally I don’t watch online videos if they last more than two minutes or so. And I didn’t intend to watch more than a minute of this one. But I found myself watching the entire thing, though it’s 25 minutes long. Here’s Sunita Williams, departing  commander of the International Space Station, giving the world a tour.

So turn off Hillbilly Handfishing or Two and a Half Men, and enjoy this.

One response to “An out-of-this-world tour

  1. That was worth the watch. A couple things. First, I found the exercise bike interesting as it has to move around so the forces don’t go out into the arms. For some reason, that bit of information was fascinating to me.

    Also, the damn place looks totally chaotic! Crap everywhere. Obviously there is method to all the madness. I don’t know how they keep track of all of the stuff she packed in there.

    My head couldn’t take the weightlessness. Literally. I would be sick the whole time.

    Thanks for sharing that.

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